AHA & TCA peel

    Chemical peels using AHA (Alpha Hydroxyacids) is a group of naturally occurring substances found naturally in fruits and other food. AHA PEEL utilizes a non-toxic glycolic acid which is found in sugar cane. Using a peel regime, you'll see healthier, younger-looking skin through a programme designed for you by our doctors at Medical Aesthetics. It is an ideal way to freshen up dull, tired skin and helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

    It also smoothes and softens skin, increases hydration and suppleness, and balances irregular skin tones. It can also improve oily/acne prone skin. Higher strengths can help to reduce the appearance of acne scarring and certain pigmentation problems.

    This treatment is suitable for:
    • pigmentations
    • improving skin tone
    • removing facial and back acne marks

    Chemical Peels - AHA Face Peel $95/session, TCA Face Peel $150/session


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