Back Acne Treatment Singapore

Back Acne Treatment Singapore

Back acne, or "bacne," is a common skin issue that affects many people. Effective back acne treatments can help one manage this condition and boost one's self-confidence. In Singapore, there are numerous options available to treat acne, making it easier than ever to achieve clear and healthy skin.

Back of a man with acne and acne scars.
Back of a woman's right shoulder area with acne and acne scars.
Back of a man with acne and acne scars.

Back acne can be caused by many reasons. Some of these include excess oil production, clogged pores, bacteria, and hormonal fluctuations. Back acne treatments can include oral medications, topical applications or even laser treatments.

If you have had numerous back acne breakouts or even experienced severe acne such as cystic acne, you may also experience back acne scars. Medical Aesthetics can also help you with your acne scar through acne scar removal treatments for your back.

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Common Back Acne Treatments in Singapore

Over-the-counter (OTC) medications

Singapore offers a wide range of OTC treatments, such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid. These products help unclog clogged pores and reduce inflammation, making them a convenient and affordable solution for mild to moderate back acne.

Topical prescriptions

For more severe cases, prescription-strength retinoids and topical antibiotics can be highly effective. A doctor can recommend the most suitable treatment and monitor progress, ensuring optimal results and minimal side effects.

Oral medications

Persistent or severe back acne may require oral antibiotics or hormonal treatments to address the issue. These medications can only be prescribed by a doctor and may come with potential side effects. Please talk to our doctor to understand more if you are suitable for the treatment.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels can help reduce the appearance of back acne and scarring by unclogging pores and promoting skin cell turnover. Professional chemical peels are readily available in Singapore and can be tailored to suit individual needs.

Laser treatment and light therapy

Laser treatment and light therapy can kill acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation, making them an effective solution for persistent back acne.

Back Acne Treatment: Before and After Photos

Owing to the regulations of The Ministry of Health (MOH), we are unable to publish before and after photos on our website. However, you may view these photos during your consultation with our doctor to understand more about the treatment you seek.

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Dr Robert Ong listens attentively to your concerns and patiently discusses with you the appropriate treatment options, based on over 20 years of medical and aesthetics experience.

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Our treatment options are safe, effective and promotes natural healing for your skin. We strive to keep your experience a comfortable one and will minimize any pain or discomfort, if any.

Back Acne Treatment Singapore Price

Treatment Price*
Consultation From $35 to $65
Antibiotics Gel From $35
Benzyl Peroxide From $30
Retinoid From $20
Chemical Peels (For Acne Scars) From $105
Fractional Laser (For Acne Scars) From $400

*Prices are subject to GST.
All patients are required to undergo a consultation with our doctor to assess his or her suitability for the relevant treatment(s).
If you are keen on back acne treatments, feel free to talk to our doctor at Medical Aesthetics to let us best understand your concerns. Our Toa Payoh clinic is located a sheltered 3 minutes walk away from Toa Payoh MRT, conveniently located in Central Singapore.

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