Lip Fillers Singapore

Lip Fillers Singapore

Close up view of a lady with full and luscious lips.
Close up view of a lady with beautiful and balanced lips.
Close up view of a lady with full and luscious lips.

Lip fillers in Singapore have become increasingly popular as more people seek to enhance their natural beauty and achieve a fuller, more youthful appearance. Lip fillers, which typically consist of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body, are carefully injected into the lips to add volume and shape, resulting in a subtle yet noticeable difference.

Lip Fillers consultation from $35 to $65. Book your appointment easily with our friendly staff through WhatsApp. We will respond within 2 business days.
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Reasons for Lip Fillers in Singapore

These are some reasons why an individual may consider lip fillers:

  • Restoring lost volume: As we age, our lips may lose their natural volume and fullness. Lip fillers can help restore this lost volume and create a more youthful appearance.
  • Correcting asymmetry: Some individuals may have naturally uneven or asymmetrical lips. Fillers can be used to create a more balanced and harmonious appearance.
  • Enhancing lip shape: Lip fillers can be used to enhance the overall shape of the lips, adding definition to the cupid's bow or improving the contour of the lips.
  • Increasing lip size: For those who desire fuller, plumper lips, fillers can provide the desired volume and size, creating a more pronounced pout.

Lip Fillers: Before and After Photos

Owing to the regulations of The Ministry of Health (MOH), we are unable to publish before and after photos on our website. However, you may view these photos during your consultation with our doctor to understand more about the treatment you seek.

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Dr Robert Ong listens attentively to your concerns and patiently discusses with you the appropriate treatment options, based on over 20 years of medical and aesthetics experience.

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Our treatment options are safe, effective and promotes natural healing for your skin. We strive to keep your experience a comfortable one and will minimize any pain or discomfort, if any.

Lip Fillers Price in Singapore

Treatment Price*
Consultation From $35 to $65
Lip Fillers From $600

*Prices are subject to GST.
All patients are required to undergo a consultation with our doctor to assess his or her suitability for the relevant treatment(s).

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Medical Aesthetics, our clinic performs lip filler procedures from $600. Please talk to our doctor to understand more.

Lip fillers typically last between 12 to 18 months. This varies from different individuals. Some factors are one’s age and metabolism rate. As younger individuals tend to have a higher metabolism rate, the lip fillers may break down faster.

At our clinic, pain from the injections will be kept to a minimal level if any. We will apply a numbing cream to your injection sites prior to your lip filler procedure.